Where is My Mind?

I hear a piano version of the Pixies’s, Where is My Mind. It’s not the first time I’ve heard the song, and every time I hear it it brings a slight clench to my throat. And then I realize that the song was the reason I bought Uncharted 4 to begin with:

The irony, is that the trailer isn’t really an accurate (or inaccurate) representation of the actual game. It’s simply a different feeling entirely. That being said, the trailer is beautiful, the game completely different but wonderful, and enough of an enjoyable experience that I’ve gone back and played the earlier Uncharted’s (starting with “2”), that I had skipped the first time around. That makes the trailer worth noting, as it was capable of bringing interest to something that I had ignored three times before.


Title Sequence – Deus Ex: Human Revolution

If you ever wondered what the slick disgusting beauty of Chris Cunningham’s All is Full of Love video, mixed with the jaring cuts of grime from a David Fincher opening would look like, I think the Human Revolution title sequence comes close to offering it.  These videos have been studied, cut, and flattered through imitation (as they should be) so many times that it’s a given they’re a part of this generation’s artistic development.

It was after seeing the video that I began to become attached to Human Revolution.  It’s the best kind of heavy-handed: the melding of man and machine, the struggle of an entire world, encapsulated in Adam as he writhes on the operation table.  The person that comes out is cool and collected, but he has to become an abomination and go through hell to get there.