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I’ve mostly been sucked into ipad games lately (Jet Pack Joyride and revisiting Oblivion Stone). But I decided to fire up the PSP today. The copy of Prinny 2 that was sitting in the PSP had scared me away from the thing for so long. But I’ve learned to accept that I won’t actually beat the game, at least not in the near future. Instead I decided to unwrap the shrink wrap of one of the games that have gathered a thick coat of dust on the bottom shelf.

I originally thought about something action based, but since I finished God of War awhile back I considered a FPS. In the end I decided to settle on Knights in the Nightmare, as the packaging promising an RPG mixed with bullet hell experience was too much too pass up. Intro video was the same lame fantasy bull-shit I’ve seen a hundred times over, but I’m willing to ignore that. More to follow.

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