Armored Core

With the launch of Armored Core V, and since I enjoyed Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls so much, I went back and looked at From Software’s game lineup.  There were a couple choices: King’s Field, Tenchu, Otogi, but I ended up going to back to Armored Core, as I have a soft spot for mechs.  My only experience with the series was a few hours with Armored Core 2 on the PS2.  It seemed fun, but I also don’t have any distinct memories (which isn’t a good sign).

With over a dozen titles in the series, I thought it clever to go back to the roots before trying one of the newest entries.  So I picked up copies of the psx titles, and will hopefully be reviewing them in the coming weeks.  The title and cover of “Master of Arena” is so bland I put it off until last.  “2 Disc Game!”

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