Insert Credit Podcast worth listening to? B+

Even though I have significantly less time than usual, I’ve been listening to more videogame… chat shows?  I don’t know what to call them.  But basically people talking about all things vg related, sometimes being funny, sometimes being serious.

Insert Credit ( has a pretty decent podcast.  At least the one I listened to was pretty funny (episode 2).  The first half of episode three was a little bit of a downer, but it could pick up.  Reading enough of the earlier articles I had a face for the names on the podcast (it’s old, but read the 2011 E3 coverage, they seem like some guys I would want to hang out with).  But I was really surprised when I actually put a voice to the faces.  They did not belong as expected…

Anyway, Tim Rogers, whose voice and manner of speech was the most unexpected by far (l had assumed he was one of the others until someone addressed him in the third episode), made a game awhile back.  It’s called Zigguart, and I basically suck at it.  Not to say it isn’t good, it seems to be.  It’s probably worth talking about sometime.


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