A Brisk Six Years Late – JPod

So this post is about a novel, that’s about videogames.  But as I’ve been reading it I realize, not really.

Novels and videogames are perhaps two of my favorite things in the world.  But I’ve kept them in separate universes.  They felt like different parts of my psyche, and ones that I shouldn’t mingle.  But I chose this book randomly.  It sat alone, facing outward, on a stand at the library, lego figures and a catchy name- “JPod” on the front.  I didn’t put it back when the slip cover told me it was about videogames.

Douglas Coupland must be somewhat famous.  The first real line inserts him into the novel in way that would imply he is well-known.   It came out around the same time as Brett Easton Ellis’s Lunar Park, so they both seemed to have grown the idea organically and independent of each other, but his insertion in the story doesn’t seem to be a metaphor.  It’s like a form of name dropping, but for yourself.  Still the name rings no bells with me.

All this being said, the first two and a half ramblings pages (followed by “$”s and “Ramen Noodles” printed over and over) that serve as a prelude before the book begins, are amazing.  Perhaps the coolest thing I have read in years.  But does two pages mean a lot?  Yeah, I guess it kind of does, as it’s a bright spot that you can hold onto.  The rest of the book remains decidedly uncertain for me.

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