Little Inferno Non-Review

There’s almost no point in rating this game.  The only thing that would qualify it as a “game” is the interactive nature, while it admits at the very beginning there are no scores or lives, only the glimmer of a “story”.  But more importantly it’s what you take out of the short time you spent with it.  Over a few hours you’ll burn hundreds of items in your virtual fireplace, knowing there’s no point, knowing the laws of consumption are horribly unsustainable, and even knowing the world you live in is a dying freezing microcosm.

Being a part of the Humble Bundle is the perfect distribution platform.  I don’t think I could justify spending $10 on it, and I don’t think it wants you to.  It makes an active effort to question why you are spending time with your “Little Inferno”.  As you stare at the fire, the game questions what the purpose of the main character’s life is, and it’s only after awhile that you realize it’s been you whose been staring into the fire the entire time.


little inferno fireplace

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