DLC I would want to play

I rarely see DLC that interests me.  Yeah, sometimes it helps the game providing more weapons, outfits, characters, and scenarios,  but rarely does it seem like anything but a time extender.  The new Assassin’s Creed 3 DLC however seems cooler than the actual game.  The game itself has hardly registered while it constantly floats across the news sites.  But an alternative history DLC is an awesome idea.

Yeah, it would be tempting…

A tyrant king George Washington is an excellent idea, and the whole concept of famous individuals succumbing to the desires of man offers amazing possibilities.  Radically alternative history (vs. small strategic alternations, like being able to command Napoleon to victory at Waterloo) offers the chance to explore Faustian Tragedy in a way that literature and movies have been able to.  That’s not to say this is the depth that The Tyranny of King George will have, however the mere possibility for the future makes it intriguing.