You would think Dishonored and Deus Ex would play similar

The premise is basically the same- you sneak around, kill some people, but try not to.  Yet they feel as different as cutting open a box with an exacto knife vs. trying to stab an avocado without holding it.  One is precise and surgical, while the other flails about. It works for each in their own way, one being set in a gorgeous futuristic setting (even when it’s supposed to be dirty), and the other looking like the scenery is decaying as you play.


An Exacto Knife


Not so much

Reasons why the world of Deus Ex is better than the real world

In Deus Ex:
Detroit is the world’s coolest city
I would live here

I would live here

I wouldn't walk by here

I wouldn’t walk by here

You can literally hack anything
Helicopters can fly you anywhere in the world
Bionics look awesome. I would have robot arms
Sarif Eye
One thing that’s worse:  It’s either night or the weather sucks, constantly (same with Blade Runner)
night blade runner