Yakuza 3 and the Art of Fishing

I once read that the first Yakuza was a Japanese version of GTA3.  I never played the first, but if its’ anything like the third, than I wonder how much that writer was paid by Sega to say that.  It’s about as far away, while still being in the same genre, that a game can be.  You could even make the case it has more in common with Max Payne 3 than any grand theft auto.

One of 10+ mini-games
It’s about winning with style

I’ve developed a pattern with Yakuza 3.  I play it when I don’t want my games adding any drama to my life.  When I don’t have the mental space for long-term x-com ironman strategies, or meeting up with friends on Borderlands 2.  Because despite what the name says, Yakuza 3 has about as much to do with fishing as it does gangster life.

I don’t know what engine it’s running on, but the game looks damn good, especially considering it’s almost 3 years old.  * Just checked – it’s the Magical V-Engine from Cyberware Inc.  It’s also used on Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.