Strange Empty Feeling After Finishing Tactics Ogre or Why Not Start a Video Game Blog

So I’ve decided to start documenting my experiences with video games, if only to help justify the amount of time I spend playing them as a fully grown adult.  Also I thought there would be many peripheral benefits:  a summer game list, a place to post articles, and an outlet for those moments of nostalgia.  I’m living abroad right now, so my choices of games are limited (specifically what I have for the DS, PSP, and if I decide to consider my iPad and Mac sources), but I will make a list.  Sadly I’ve already finished Tactics Ogre so I won’t include it, and I’m not in a state to try and re-beat the game under the extreme circumstances needed to get all the medals (it will come around, but I need a break for the moment).

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Owen is a writer based out of Denver and currently preparing his first novel PUSH PULL for publication. In the meantime, feel free to explore his meandering thoughts, movie and videogame op-eds and situational playlists. If you know him from another life, this is a chance for exposure to his creative endeavors.

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