2 Disc Game!

Armored Core Master of Arena has humbled me.  Maybe it was overly ambitious to try and tackle three nearly identical games without a different game to break the routine.

It is certainly a challenging game.  Everyone makes a fuss about Dark Souls, but these bastards have been making tough as nails games for over a decade apparently.  These are way more frustrating however.  On the last airplane ride I almost smashed my already cracked PSP into my malfunctioning table tray.

I haven’t given up on reviewing Master of Arena yet, but my weakness got the best of me and I purchased Max Payne 3 today.  I think it was the HEALTH song that plays in the background of the commercial that actually inspired me.  Seems like a good existential time, but trailers are usually so misleading…

The song if you’re interested:  http://soundcloud.com/rockstargames/tears-by-health

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