Excited for a new game? Yeah, surprisingly I am

Typically I don’t follow new release schedules so close.  My usual modus operandi is to pick up a bunch of random games I know little or nothing about. Typically, they’re disappointments, but occasionally punctuated with the rare thrill of validation (Nocturne, Shiren, No More Heroes, all spring to mind).

So a new game is going to come out soon and I’m actually anticipating buying it immediately.  The last time that happened was Dark Souls.  What is it?  Assassin’s Creed 3?  Resident Evil 6?  Harley Masternak’s Hollywood Workout?  No, no, not those sure to be hits.  I really want to play Tokyo Jungle.

Tokyo is left to the animals.  With this setting.  Who wouldn’t want to play as a Pomeranian leaving the safety of it’s apartment to get eaten by a hyena in about 5 seconds?   I’m always interested in generational or DNA based games (which wikipedia calls Life Simulation Games, a term I hate because it makes me think of the Sims).  Shit, I even played Seventh Cross:  Evolution on the Dreamcast.  Not long, but I played it.

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