Puzzle Quest, Round 2

I don’t remember a thing about the first Puzzle Quest.  I remember where I played it, a coach in Prague while adjusting to jet lag.  And I remember I played it a lot, but I’m not sure if I actually enjoyed it.  I think it gave me headaches, but it could have been the situation I was in.

I read that Puzzle Quest takes place in the same world as the Warlords games.  I don’t remember much of that either, but I think I liked it.

A pretty sweet old game.

Regardless of how I felt about the first one, I’m leaving for ten days, can’t find my pile of DS backlog games or my PSP, and the selection at Gamestop was minimal unless I wanted just the cartridge (who tosses cases?).  So Puzzle Quest 2 it is.

I take a Dramamine, get on the bus to the airport, and start up the game…

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