Step 1 complete

I finished Ys I.  It took my much longer as a result of being by the bedside and letting it sit for a week while I played iPad games.  Not even really great iPad games, but very effective at pick up and play (which was important because I was traveling).  The game I played the most was called Legendary War.  Low budget, but it has charm and can keep you sucked in for awhile.

As for Ys, well… I enjoyed it from beginning to end, but was underwhelmed by the final boss.  He is set up for most of the game as this sort of cape wearing mysterious man, so he must be more than that, Right?  … and the name Dark Fact is not really a name at all.


Ys yeeeease

I started the summer with Ys I.  To say it’s simple is an understatement, but I find myself playing it as if I wasn’t a cynical asshole with RPGs.  It’s also extremely enjoyable to play through, as each level you gain makes you exponentially stronger.  So while the game world is somewhat open, you mostly get rocked if you’re not at the right level.  When you do actually find where to go, it’s satisfying in the way that solving a puzzle is.  Only change I would make is to select Hard for the difficulty, I feel like a truck the way the red-haired little main character runs over enemies.

I still haven’t made up my mind on the music yet.  I know it is supposed to have some of the greatest music of all time so I will wait to make a judgement.

Game Challenge – Summer 2011

I have to be honest, the idea for a summer game challenge came from another site which apparently itself came from another site.  Still, I can’t let the lack of originality prevent me from introducing my own challenge.  Ideally you’re supposed to pick 10 games, however since I don’t think I can have the time for ten games this summer, or the ability to get my hands on ten I would want to play, I will keep the potential roster to what I brought with me to Europe.  Games to beat, in no particular order:

Ys I&II  (PSP)
God of War:  Chains of Olympus  (PSP)
Professor Layton and the Curious Village  (DS)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo  (PSP)
9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors  (DS)

That’s the list.  I’ve actually completed most of the Curious Village, but I feel I need something to compel me to finish it.  And Supper Puzzle Fighter II is actually part of a PSP collection I bought for cheap at the Euro equivalent of 7-11.

There is also a pretty good chance I will play Tactics Ogre again, however I will keep this separate.

Strange Empty Feeling After Finishing Tactics Ogre or Why Not Start a Video Game Blog

So I’ve decided to start documenting my experiences with video games, if only to help justify the amount of time I spend playing them as a fully grown adult.  Also I thought there would be many peripheral benefits:  a summer game list, a place to post articles, and an outlet for those moments of nostalgia.  I’m living abroad right now, so my choices of games are limited (specifically what I have for the DS, PSP, and if I decide to consider my iPad and Mac sources), but I will make a list.  Sadly I’ve already finished Tactics Ogre so I won’t include it, and I’m not in a state to try and re-beat the game under the extreme circumstances needed to get all the medals (it will come around, but I need a break for the moment).